Sunday, April 18, 2010

sunny day

I used so many different texture gels in this painting

while the sunsets

I was painting outside in the afternoon at my dads house and i saw what looked liked branches dripping. The light reflecting through the trees made it look like they were disappearing. I dramatized the dripping effect and the lighting.

It can't break me

My mother loved dragon flies. This painting interprets the transition from the cancer taking over and her breaking free. I used black tinted pumice gel and of course acrylic.


My great grandmother painted floral themed ideas. She didn't start painting until really late in her life. I decided to use black and purple rather than the usual floral colors. It has an unintended gothic spin to it that worked out.

Beauty Within

I absolutely love mirrors and the tricks you can do with them. I recently discovered how great texture gel is. In this painting I used crackle gel on the top left corner of the mirror. I have her leaning up on it with one hand while her body covers it, we connect the dots in our minds.